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Home Automation...
Home automation is more than just control — it’s intelligent control. Our premiere choice for home automation is Crestron. Unlike other less sophisticated controls, Crestron systems sense the status of the devices they control, and they allow A-V Technologies’ Crestron trained programmers to create a control system tailored specifically to your system and your home. Want a simple set of access screens for the less-sophisticated users in your home? No problem. Want a more comprehensive set of screens for the more sophisticated? We can do that, too, and all in the same convenient and beautiful hand-held or wall-mounted touchscreen controller.

Drapes & Thermostat Control...
Although you can’t do much about the weather outside, a home automation system gives you the power to change the weather inside the house. Too warm? Simply touch the remote control and cooler air is on its way. We can also give you control over motorized drapes and shades — and even automate them so they close on their own when you turn on your television and open again when you turn it off!

Lighting can be so much more than a couple of fixtures and an ugly row of switches on the wall. Our expert alliances with Lutron Lighting and Crestron (among others) allow us to create and control a lighting arrangement in your home theater that can go from “all on” to a multi-leveled ambiance at the touch of a button. And once you experience this level of sophistication and convenience in your home theater, you’ll want to improve the rest of your living spaces with the functionality, safety, and mood-enhancing abilities whole-house lighting control can offer.