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Home Theater...
There’s no doubt about it. The home theater is both a haven and a highlight in any home fortunate to have one. Families flock to it, and harried homeowners hurry to relax in it. At A-V Technologies, we’ve helped so many people build their dream home theater we’ve lost count. We’ve helped just as many people who didn’t dream of an ultimate home theater but wanted excellent sounding and phenomenal looking home theaters blended into the main living room. Whatever your choice, we have the technical abilities, the vision, and the equipment to put together the perfect home theater.

Whole-House Audio...
Enjoy music — and movies — from one system in multiple rooms. Whole-house systems can be as simple as being able to listen the same sound in any or all rooms (at different volumes) to systems that provide access to and total control over any source in your main system. We can even give you the ability to watch one source in the theater room while your spouse or kids listen to something else in another room.

The basics of a home theater...

The television...
Be it from an analog or HDTV, a tube TV, projection TV, plasma or LCD TV, the picture is the centerpiece of any home theater. We’ll help you choose the proper size screen for your room as well as bring you up to date on today’s changing TV technology.

The speakers...
Great sound from a good pair of speakers can actually create the perception of a larger television screen. We specialize in providing some of the best in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for music and movies so you’ll have the best sound without turning your home into a speaker showroom.

The electronics...
The best speakers need the best electronic components — such as an audio/video receiver or power amp/pre-amp combination. We can integrate your existing equipment or help you choose from some of the highly rated audio/video electronic components we carry.