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Design & Installation...

Building or remodeling a home can be a stressful endeavor. At A-V Technologies, we aim not only to minimize the stress and intrusions inherent in the process but to actually make the entire procedure as enjoyable as possible. Although each system is different, here’s a brief outline of the steps we’ll follow in creating a home theater or a fully wired home.

Three Easy Steps to a Professionally Installed System...

The first step is consultation, either at our offices or in your home. During this crucial phase, we’II explore your vision for your home and suggest options you may not have thought of. Because each client is unique, we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. We’ll listen and learn, and then we’ll suggest a plan that’s ideally suited to your home and your lifestyle.

Step two is the pre-wire. We’ll closely coordinate with your builder or contractor to be there at the proper times to run the important but unseen wires that lay the foundation for your system. For projects in existing homes, we’ll use the extensive expertise we’ve garnered over the years to integrate technology invisibly into your walls.

Step three, the finish-out, involves more than simply installing the equipment. After the hookup, we’ll test and calibrate your system to ensure premium performance. Then we’ll explain the system’s operation to you and start you on your way to a highly entertaining home.

Great design of your home theater or whole-house system doesn’t happen as a result of sitting behind a desk or reading manuals. Designing the perfect system requires an intimate knowledge of not only the technology and the equipment but also the entire installation process itself. All of our designs at A-V Technologies start with a thorough understanding of what’s required to make a system perform the way it’s supposed to.

Our CEDIA-certified installers bring years of installation experience into every customer’s home ensuring the correct wires are run to the correct locations. More than that, they bring a unique understanding of how real people actually use their systems, making them ideally capable of proposing and making improvements to locations and layouts from the perspective of performance and convenience.


Structured Wiring...
For some, structured wiring is nothing more than a centrally located connection box and an excuse to charge you for expensive, name-brand wiring. At A-V Technologies, we know the true purpose of thoughtfully specified and properly installed structured wiring is to provide a currently compatible and future-friendly infrastructure for communication and entertainment throughout your home. Our structured wiring plans allow data, voice, audio, and video to flow seamlessly from room to room — and since we engineer for tomorrow as well as for today, structured wiring not only makes your home more livable, it improves the resale value, too.