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No Project too small...

It’s exciting and interesting to talk about the large systems we create, but the fact is that we dedicate just as much attention to the jobs costing $1,000 as we do to the ones that run over $100,000. At A-V Technologies, our goal is not to boost our egos but to provide you with the most entertainment possible in the most elegant manner without busting your budget. Whether it’s adding a pair of outdoor speakers and a volume control to a patio, turning an existing room into a dedicated theater, or helping you design a complete house full of information access and entertainment, you’ll benefit from all of our industry resources and years of expertise.

...or too exotic...

Sometimes your house isn’t your only home. We’ve traveled across the United States and deep into Mexico helping our clients create their own unique electronic environments. In October 2000, Home Theater Magazine featured a particularly special home theater and distributed audio installation we completed on a 70-foot yacht.

...or too soft.

One often-overlooked element of a great home theater is the seating. In our best home theaters, we recommend and install stadium-style risers with Continental Theater seats. Theater-style seating offers more than just the look of a professional movie theater. With cup holders, extra-wide arm rests, reclining backs, and integrated footrests, Continental Theater’s seats make your home theater infinitely more comfortable than the local multiplex.